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[article] Convergent genetic adaptation in human tumors developed under systemic hypoxia and in populations living at high altitudes. bioRxiv. (2024)
Arenillas, C., ..., Weghorn, D., ..., Toledo, R.

[article] Mutational signature decomposition with deep neural networks reveals origins of clock-like processes and hypoxia dependencies. bioRxiv. (2023)
Serrano Colome*, C., Canal Anton*, O., Seplyarskiy, V. and Weghorn, D.

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Casanova, A. G., Miro Pina, V., Schertzer, E. and Siri-Jegousse, A.


[article] An extension of the Walsh-Hadamard transform to calculate and model epistasis in genetic landscapes of arbitrary shape and complexity. PLoS Comp. Biol. (2024)
Faure, A., Lehner, B., Miro Pina, V., Serrano Colome, C. and Weghorn, D.

[article] The TP53-activated E3 ligase RNF144B is a tumour suppressor that prevents genomic instability. Journal of Experimental & Clinical Cancer Research. (2024)
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Miro Pina, V., Joly, E. and Siri-Jegousse, A.

[article] Genes enriched in A/T-ending codons are co-regulated and conserved across mammals. Cell Systems, 2405-4712. (2023) vbioRxiv
Benisty, H., Hernandez-Alias, X., Weber, M., Anglada-Girotto, M., Mantica, F., Radusky, L., Senger, G., Calvet, F., Weghorn, D., Irimia, M., Schaefer, M. and Serrano, L.

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Hernandez-Beltran, J. C. R., Miro Pina, V., Siri-Jegousse, A., Palau, S., Pena-Miller, R. and Gonzalez-Casanova, A.

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Rodriguez-Galindo, M., Casillas, S., Weghorn, D. and Barbadilla, A.

[article] Identification of cancer driver genes based on nucleotide context. Nature Genetics, 52, 208-218. (2020) vbioRxiv
Dietlein*, F., Weghorn*, D., Taylor-Weiner, A., Richters, A., Reardon, B., Liu, D., Lander, E. S., Van Allen, E. M. and Sunyaev, S. R.

[article] Applicability of the mutation-selection balance model to population genetics of heterozygous protein-truncating variants in humans. Molecular Biology and Evolution, 36.8, 1701. (2019) vbioRxiv
Weghorn*, D., Balick*, D. J., Cassa, C., Kosmicki, J., Daly, M. J., Beier, D. R. and Sunyaev, S. R.

[reply] Reply to 'Selective effects of heterozygous protein-truncating variants'. Nature Genetics, 51(1), 3. (2019)
Cassa*, C. A., Weghorn*, D., Balick*, D. J., Jordan*, D. M., Nusinow, D., Samocha, K. E., O'Donnell-Luria, A., MacArthur, D. G., Daly, M. J., Beier, D. R. and Sunyaev, S. R.

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Weghorn, D. and Sunyaev, S.

[article] Identifying DNase I hypersensitive sites as driver distal regulatory elements in breast cancer. Nature Communications, 8(1), 436. (2017)
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[article] Fitness landscape for nucleosome positioning. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 110(27), 10988-10993. (2013)
Weghorn, D. and Lässig, M.

*equal author contributions; (co-)corresponding author