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[article] Mutational signature decomposition with deep neural networks reveals origins of clock-like processes and hypoxia dependencies. bioRxiv. (2023)
Serrano Colome*, C., Canal Anton*, O., Seplyarskiy, V. and Weghorn, D.

[article] An extension of the Walsh-Hadamard transform to calculate and model epistasis in genetic landscapes of arbitrary shape and complexity. bioRxiv. (2023)
Faure, A., Lehner, B., Miro Pina, V., Serrano Colome, C. and Weghorn, D.

[article] The stochastic speed of coming down from infinity for general Dirichlet Xi-coalescents. arXiv. (2022)
Casanova, A. G., Miro Pina, V., Schertzer, E. and Siri-Jegousse, A.


[article] The TP53-activated E3 ligase RNF144B is a tumour suppressor that prevents genomic instability. Journal of Experimental & Clinical Cancer Research. (2024)
Abad, E., Sandoz, J., Romero, G., Urgel-Solas, J., Borredat, P., Kourtis, S., Ortet, L., Martinez, C., Weghorn, D., Sdelci, S. and Janic, A.

[article] High-density sampling reveals volume growth in human tumours. eLife (reviewed preprint). (2024)
Angaji, A., Owusu, M., Velling, C., Dick, N., Weghorn, D. and Berg, J.

[article] Estimating the Lambda measure in multiple-merger coalescents. Theoretical Population Biology, 154, 94-101. (2023) vbioRxiv
Miro Pina, V., Joly, E. and Siri-Jegousse, A.

[article] Genes enriched in A/T-ending codons are co-regulated and conserved across mammals. Cell Systems, 2405-4712. (2023) vbioRxiv
Benisty, H., Hernandez-Alias, X., Weber, M., Anglada-Girotto, M., Mantica, F., Radusky, L., Senger, G., Calvet, F., Weghorn, D., Irimia, M., Schaefer, M. and Serrano, L.

[article] Segregational instability of multicopy plasmids: A population genetics approach. Ecology and Evolution, 12(12), e9469. (2022)
Hernandez-Beltran, J. C. R., Miro Pina, V., Siri-Jegousse, A., Palau, S., Pena-Miller, R. and Gonzalez-Casanova, A.

[article] Germline de novo mutation rates on exons versus introns in humans. Nature Communications, 11(1), 3304. (2020) vbioRxiv
Rodriguez-Galindo, M., Casillas, S., Weghorn, D. and Barbadilla, A.

[article] Identification of cancer driver genes based on nucleotide context. Nature Genetics, 52, 208-218. (2020) vbioRxiv
Dietlein*, F., Weghorn*, D., Taylor-Weiner, A., Richters, A., Reardon, B., Liu, D., Lander, E. S., Van Allen, E. M. and Sunyaev, S. R.

[article] Applicability of the mutation-selection balance model to population genetics of heterozygous protein-truncating variants in humans. Molecular Biology and Evolution, 36.8, 1701. (2019) vbioRxiv
Weghorn*, D., Balick*, D. J., Cassa, C., Kosmicki, J., Daly, M. J., Beier, D. R. and Sunyaev, S. R.

[reply] Reply to 'Selective effects of heterozygous protein-truncating variants'. Nature Genetics, 51(1), 3. (2019)
Cassa*, C. A., Weghorn*, D., Balick*, D. J., Jordan*, D. M., Nusinow, D., Samocha, K. E., O'Donnell-Luria, A., MacArthur, D. G., Daly, M. J., Beier, D. R. and Sunyaev, S. R.

[article] Bayesian inference of negative and positive selection in human cancers. Nature Genetics, 49(12), 1785. (2017) vSharedIt
Weghorn, D. and Sunyaev, S.

[article] Identifying DNase I hypersensitive sites as driver distal regulatory elements in breast cancer. Nature Communications, 8(1), 436. (2017)
D'Antonio*, M., Weghorn*, D., D'Antonio-Chronowska, A., Coulet, F., Olson, K. M., DeBoever, C., Drees, F., Arias, A., Alakus, H., Richardson, A. L., Schwab, R. B., Farley, E. K., Sunyaev, S. R. and Frazer, K. A.

[article] Estimating the selective effects of heterozygous protein-truncating variants from human exome data. Nature Genetics, 49(5), 806. (2017) vPMC
Cassa*, C. A., Weghorn*, D., Balick*, D. J., Jordan*, D. M., Nusinow, D., Samocha, K. E., O'Donnell-Luria, A., MacArthur, D. G., Daly, M. J., Beier, D. R. and Sunyaev, S. R.

[article] Fitness landscape for nucleosome positioning. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 110(27), 10988-10993. (2013)
Weghorn, D. and Lässig, M.

*equal author contributions; (co-)corresponding author